High street stores, online and by phone – LawStore plans unique national legal network

July 2012. Law firms need to stand together against new entrants, says MTA Solicitors

Plans for a national network of high street LawStores, allied with a powerful consumer-friendly web presence, have today been announced by law firm MTA Solicitors.

MTA, which has a LawStore in Bromley and plans to open in Cambridge and London in the next six months, is offering other law firms around the country the chance to join a panel to receive referrals through the unique combination of the LawStore website, the LawStore contact centre and the high street shops, which they can also help set up and run.

The LawStore is located in an area of high footfall, such as a shopping centre, offering consumers immediate access to a lawyer if they want, as well as appointments and drop-in clinics.

The LawStore is not currently operating a fee share or referral fee model and until further notice panel membership is free. Firms are not required to adopt LawStore branding or pricing, although they will not be allowed to undercut the LawStore. Only two firms in each area will be able to join the panel.

Panel firms will also have access to a wide range of support services at preferential rates, including insurance, recruitment, IT and investigation providers.

Firms to have signed up so far include Kent law firm Judge & Priestly and specialist London-based litigation practice Taylor Hampton – well known at the moment for its involvement in the phone hacking scandal.

The LawStore website, powered by document-automation provider Direct Law, will include pages for each participating firm, distributing enquiries on the basis of region and skill set. The MTA call centre will do likewise with telephone enquiries.

MTA chief executive David Green says: “The LawStore provides solicitors with an opportunity to become part of a national network of law firms, providing direct support and assistance to people and businesses who need legal assistance of all types.

“We want to ensure that our customers receive the best legal advice and we will only work with solicitors who can meet ours and our customers’ service expectations. This is about like-minded law firms standing together against new competition, while not compromising their individual values and independence.

“Through LawStore, solicitors will have the opportunity to promote their services directly to both national and local customers. The LawStore is a national brand and whilst many legal services can be provided remotely, LawStore values and promotes local representation.”

Firms interested in becoming a LawStore panel firm can find out more by visiting the member firms dedicated web page at: http://thelaw-store.co.uk/Home/lawstoresolicitorapplication.aspx

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